Silver Ox Bottle was created to solve two problems, eliminate odors caused by the degradation of proteins inside of protein shaker bottles and pay for college. I was a typical college student always trying to find time to squeeze food in between studying, socializing, and attending classes. I quickly realized that protein shakes are a fast and efficient way to fuel the body. I also soon found out that if you leave protein inside of a protein shaker bottle longer than 24 hours it ends up smelling. I decided to fix the problem. My dad once told me how my grandmother would put silver dollars into milk to help prevent the milk from spoiling. This childhood memory made me start thinking about how I could utilize silver inside of a protein shaker bottle. The next day, I was watching a documentary on antibiotics and how colloidal silver was used in babies eyes before the discovery of antibiotics. This was the “a-ha” moment when I decided why not impregnate the plastic with silver nano-particles to prevent the bacteria that causes the protein to degrade and smell. That is how Silver Ox Bottle was born.


Silver Ox makes high quality American made products for the fitness community. We are constantly challenging the industry and ourselves to become better. We want to make our communities a better place by incorporating science, thinking differently, using sustainable manufacturing practices and putting our communities first.


We just started. Give us some time and lets see what we can do together.